How It Works

Similar to how today’s smartphones receive data, Viper Broadband Services, utilize the 4G LTE data connections sent from local area cellular towers to connect your home or business.

A single LTE modem router can support up to 32 wireless devices at once; an optional antenna can be installed for even greater range. There’s no need to install phone lines.

Why Us?

  • Fast Speed Connection
    Surf the web at fast speeds even if you aren't anywhere near a traditional local internet provider.
  • No Data Caps or Overage Fees
    Provide web browsing and streaming video to the whole family or workplace without worrying about reaching any data limits.
  • Connect Wirelessly
    Connect all your devices wirelessly with the Viper Broadband. An outdoor mounted antenna can further help extend and stabilize your signal. The better the signal, the better your speeds.
  • Faster Than Satellite
    Experience download speeds between 10 – 100 Mbps (with burst up to 150 Mbps on the LTE Networks). No laggy or interrupted connections during poor weather conditions either.
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